Roanoke map V0.0.1

Roanoke map V0.0.1

Roanoke, USA

From Wikipedia…

“The establishment of the Roanoke Colony was an attempt by Sir Walter Raleigh to found the first permanent English settlement in North America. The English, led by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, had claimed St. John’s, Newfoundland, in 1583 as the first English territory in North America. The first Roanoke colony was founded in 1585 on Roanoke Island in what is now Dare County, North Carolina, United States. Following the failure of the 1585 settlement, a second expedition, led by John White, landed on the same island in 1587, and set up another settlement that became known as the Lost Colony due to the subsequent unexplained disappearance of its population.

Lane’s colony was troubled by a lack of supplies and poor relations with the local Native Americans. While awaiting a delayed resupply mission , Lane abandoned the colony and returned to England with Sir Francis Drake in 1586. Grenville arrived two weeks later and also returned home, leaving behind a small detachment to protect Raleigh’s claim.

The Anglo-Spanish War delayed supplies to Roanoke until 1590, but upon arrival found the settlement fortified but abandoned. The cryptic word “CROATOAN” was found carved into the palisade, which White interpreted to mean the colonists had relocated to Croatoan Island. Before he could follow this lead, rough seas and a lost anchor forced the rescue mission to return to England.

The fate of the approximately 112–121 colonists remains unknown. Speculation that they had assimilated with nearby Native American communities appears in writings as early as 1605. Investigations by the Jamestown colonists produced reports that the Roanoke settlers had been massacred, as well as stories of people with European features in Native American villages, but no hard evidence was produced. Interest in the matter fell into decline until 1834, when George Bancroft published his account of the events in A History of the United States. Bancroft’s description of the colonists captured the public imagination. Despite this renewed interest, modern research has failed to find archaeological evidence to explain the disappearance of the colonists.”

How to install:

  • Extract the .cok and .cok.cid files into your folder “AppData/LocalLow/Colossal Order/Cities Skylines II/Maps”
  • If there is no “maps” folder yet in this folder, create a Maps folder.

Map Information: THEME: North American CLIMATE: 10 – 31 C LATITUDE: Northern Hemisphere BUILDABLE AREA: 61% OUTSIDE CONNECTIONS: 3 Ship Connections, 3 Air, 3 Road, 2 Train NATURAL RESOURCES: Fertile, Oil, and Ore and cover most of the land.

Dependencies: BepInEx-BepInExPack


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