Cities Skylines 2: Mod Template

Cities Skylines 2: Mod Template

This repository template allows you to get started with Cities: Skylines 2 modding easily.



– Create a new repository based on this one
– Clone your new repository to your computer
– Uncomment and update the Cities2_Location variable in MyCoolMod.csproj
– Run make build

After running the last command, the mod should be automatically copied to your game directory, so launching the game should include running the mod you just started.

Regarding BepInEx version 5 (Stable) VS 6 (Alpha/Unstable/Nightly)

Currently, this mod template defaults to building against BepInEx version 6 (unstable pre-release). If you’d like to instead use Stable BepInEx version 5, you can run the build like this:

$ make build BEPINEX_VERSION=5

In order to run code only for one BepInEx version, you can do something like this:

– – using BepInEx.Unity.Mono;

That would only run using BepInEx.Unity.Mono when you’re building the project for BepInEx 6. Add in a else if you want to do something different when it’s version 5.

CI / GitHub Actions – Setup

In order to get the CI/GitHub Actions workflow to work, you have to do a couple of things.

– Create a new private repository with all the game DLLs that you require for building your mod
– Create a new GitHub Personal Access Token (“PAT”) that has only READ access to the created private repository
– Create a new secret variable in GitHub Actions called GH_PAT that has your PAT with read access to the private repository

Now the CI job should work as expected.


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