Land Value Overhaul v1.4.0

Land Value Overhaul v1.4.0

In the original game, your city will experience the following death spiral(s) once you run your city static (i.e. without building anything new) for enough time.

– Your renters become rich→Land value explodes→Rent explodes→Some renters cannot afford
– Either: Some renters cannot afford→Building not getting enough fund to pay upkeep→Building not upgrading/abandoned
– Or: Some renters cannot afford→High rent warnings→Renters move away.

– The problem here is, once you stopped building new areas/building/zones, at least somewhere in your city will be experiencing this disgusting death spiral. The underlying core problem in the land value & rent mechanism, is the renter’s maximum affordable rent do not and should not equals the maximum rent that he is willing to pay, while the later one dominates the land value calculation. Imagine an office company that makes 4 million profit every day, do you believe that it would even think about paying 4 million rent each day?
– This mod makes a thorough overhaul on the game’s land value update mechanism and the associated building upgrade mechanism. After installing this mod:

– Extremely high profit/income from property renters will no longer cause extremely high land value (e.g. 10 million).
– Land value will fade in shorter distance (200 instead of 2000).
– Property renters that are not willing to pay high rent are now favored in the land value spreading process.
– Building upkeep will increase linearly with building level, instead of exponentially.
– Building upgrade cost will increase slower with building level, but still exponentially.
– Area size of low density residential properties will be considered 1 in land value-related calculations.
– Garbage fee is set to 0.

– The effect of this mod is not instantly observable. It takes time (sometimes quite a lot) to adapt everything to the new mechanisms.
– When you installed this mod and load a save previously played without this mod, massive instant building upgrading may happen. This is normal as this mod alters the building upgrade mechanism.

– Game version 1.0.19f1.
BepInEx 5


– LandValueSystem
– BuildingInitializeSystem
– RentAdjustSystem
– PropertyRenterSystem
NOT COMPATIBLE with RentControl, Renter & LandValue Policy.


Game version 1.0.19f1 compatibility.

Land value of road edges with no properties is fixed to zero.

Land value will not spread to road edges with no properties.

Road edges with zero land value will not affect nearby road edges.

This mod is experimental. It alters core game mechanisms, affects game data and has a short-term impact on saves. It may not be compatible with other mods. Please use at your own risk.
This mod can be quite balance-breaking if not properly configurated.


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