How to Mod Cities Skylines 2?

How to Mod Cities Skylines 2?

With the sequel to the city builder game offering new features, we have all the info on Cities Skylines 2 mods to help you enhance your experience.

Will Cities Skylines 2 have mods?

While it offers bigger maps, iconic buildings, and new weather cycles, it would be a shame if this new version missed out on the community creativity that made the original Cities Skylines so enjoyable for a long time.

In our Cities Skylines 2 review, we’ve covered every game aspect. But fans are already imagining their ideal mods, from recreating real places to adding fantasy elements. With larger maps in Cities Skylines 2, the big question is: can we use mods to expand our city even more?

As of now, modding support is not yet available for Cities Skylines 2, but it is expected to become available in the coming days.

Are Cities Skylines 2 mods expected?

Cities Skylines 2 will fully support mods, and these mods will be available on the developer’s Paradox Mods platform, instead of Steam Workshop.

Paradox mentioned in a blog post that their new mod platform will enable console players to access the same mods as PC players. They’ve also reassured everyone that the mods on their platform will be free, and the differences between it and Steam Workshop will be minimal.

Paradox Interactive has mentioned that their “in-game editor is currently in the beta phase and will be available shortly after the game’s official release.”

Paradox Interactive has mentioned that the in-game editor is in the beta phase and will be available shortly after the game’s official launch. They are also actively working on performance issues to enhance the gaming experience and prepare for mod support.

Wishlist for Cities Skylines 2 Mods

While we’ve seen many great mods for Cities Skylines, the sequel’s expanded capabilities make us excited for some truly game-changing community creations. The most appealing mods to us are the ones that add extra visual elements to the game, like famous real-world buildings or fictional locations.

Here are a few Cities Skylines 2 mods we hope to see:

  • Zombie disasters
  • Lord of the Rings map or buildings
  • UK buildings: Millenium Dome, Liver Buildings, St. Georges Hall and etc.
  • Nakatomi Plaza
  • Cyberpunk maps and buildings
  • Blade Runner buildings, including flying cars

Paradox Confirms Asset Mods Will be Available to Console Players

On both Xbox and PlayStation, Paradox Mods will be available for all Cities: Skylines 2 owners. Additionally, the publisher clarified in a subsequent post that console users will have access to “Asset Mods in the in-game editor library” when the game is released next year.

“We know it is a huge part of the Cities: Skylines experience and we’re beyond excited to introduce a solution that makes mods available to everyone,” Paradox said. “As with all major updates, we are fully aware of the learning curve it might present, but we’re committed to providing resources to ensure a smooth transition.”

Some players believe that the performance issues on PC may be linked to efforts to make the game equally accessible on consoles. However, it’s unclear how extensive these issues are. Despite this, the hope is that when Cities: Skylines 2 is released on consoles, these problems will be resolved, and mod support will be strong.

Now that you know how Cities Skylines 2 mods will function, all that’s left is to patiently await the community’s contributions. In the meantime, ensure your system meets the game’s requirements and explore some great management games or city builders if you’re feeling creative.


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