Cim Behavior Improvements V1.0.1

Cim Behavior Improvements V1.0.1

Cities Skylines 2: Cim Behavior Improvements Mod

Cim Behavior Improvement is a mod for Cities Skylines 2 that endeavors to improve the behavioral AI for Cims, aligning their choices more with reality to better simulate the behavior of humans IRL. The goal is to reduce the number of residential high rent warnings in the city caused by Cims who have living situations that are generally unrealistic and aren’t something that the player can fix.

[!IMPORTANT] Cities Skylines 2 modding is in a volatile state right now since Colossal Order has not yet released official modding tools. Download and install mods at your own risk, and only download mods from their official sources (GitHub, Thunderstore). Many websites steal mods from official sources, manipulate them to add malware, and upload them to unofficial websites. This mod and all others that I develop will ONLY be available here on GitHub and should be considered the only official source.


Adjusts the chance that an adult Cim will apply to school in the following ways:

  • If the adult Cim has children, the chance of applying to school is divided by four.

Adjusts the chance that a Cim will give birth to a child in the following ways:

  • If the Cim is >= 63 days of age, the chance of having a child is divided by four.
    • This reduces the number of senior Cims who have young children by preventing them from having kids too late in life.
  • If the Cim’s partner is >= 63 days of age, the normal boost to birth chance is not applied.
    • Normally, the game applies a bonus to the chance of birth if the Cim has an adult male partner.
  • If the Cim is a student, the chance of having a child is divided by four.
    • The game’s default is to divide the chance by 2 for students.
  • If the Cim’s household size is >= 4, the chance of having a child is divided by four.
    • This significantly reduces the chance that extremely large families will form, and keeps the household size reasonable.

Student stipend

  • Students now receive a stipend of $1,000/month for housing costs. Previously, they received the default unemployment benefit, which was too low to avoid high rent warnings in most cases.
  • This should be enough for most students to survive with a small household, but students with multiple children will still struggle.

Supresses high rent warnings for households with significant savings

  • Suppresses high rent warnings for households that have more than $1,000 cash on hand. These households are not in immediate jeopardy and may recover soon, so it doesn’t make sense to show a warning for a household that can continue paying rent for several months or years.
  • Note: The dev tools do not show the amount of cash on hand for households. The metrics it displays are different values that take more than just cash into consideration, such as the value of cars, other resources, etc. I have verified the cash-on-hand calculation is accurate in the back-end.

Requirements and Compatibility

  • Cities Skylines II version 1.0.14f1 (November 16th 2023 update)
  • BepInEx 5


Place the CimBehaviorImprovements.dll file in your BepInEx Plugins folder.


  • v0.0.1 (11/24/2023)
    • Initial alpha build.
  • v.0.0.2 (11/24/2023)
    • Fixed ApplyToSchoolSystem logic so that it now successfully queries the household for dependent children and seniors.
  • v.1.0.0 (11/25/2023)
    • Added student stipend
    • Added logic to suppress high rent warnings for households with more than $1,000 cash on hand.
  • v.1.0.1 (11/25/2023)
    • Fixed an issue where student stipend was not restricted to adult students

Planned Features

  • User configurable options
    • Age at which birth chance penalties apply
    • Birth chance penalty for each scenario described in “Features”
    • Toggles to turn on/off adjustments for specific scenarios

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