Wanaka New Zealand Map v1.0

Wanaka New Zealand Map v1.0

A true to life adaptation of Wanaka, New Zealand in Cities Skylines 2 featuring authentic road networks, rivers, and actual heightmap for the region. Build from scratch, this map features some of the best geography New Zealand has to offer. Please see ‘readme’ for more details.

Welcome! You have been elected as Wanaka’s new mayor! Congratulations on your victory. It is your task to grow the town into a thriving city and keep the Kiwis happy. (Map by RaftermanNZ – youtube.com/@RaftermanNZ)

– Extract the files in your folder “AppData/LocalLow/Colossal Order/Cities Skylines II/Maps”
– If maps doesn’t exist in this folder, create one!

Map Information:
– Map includes air, sea, rail, road, and electric connections.
– High voltage lines are BURIED and span the map, to use them you must connect to them either above ground or below.
– Starting tile uses the IRL road layout of the CBD in Wanaka, NZ.
– Low voltage powerlines also span the map, some may be disconnected at points, or may be buried.
– Map includes Easter eggs such as That Wanaka Tree and utilizes terrain data, rivers, and even true to life road networks. Some creative liberty was taken, such shipping connections and rail networks.
– Wanaka was chosen because of its beautiful landscape and abundant buildable land.
– If you don’t like the IRL road layout on the start tile and want to start your own way, feel free to delete the template roads! I just thought it was cool to have true to life road networks in the build.

– Map includes abundant agriculture resources, some oil and ore resources as well.

Special Notes:
– Use at your own risk, performance is NOT guaranteed! The map has an extremely heavy use of trees.
– Map was created from scratch, there may be errors or unintended issues, use at your own risk.
– I’m doing this for fun, and it takes a lot of work and time, but I don’t take it seriously. Nor should you.
– Water has been tested and works. However, due to the current work in progress nature of the CS2 map editor, please use at your own risk as sometimes the water physics take a very long time to play out.


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