Info Loom V0.7

Info Loom V0.7


InfoLoom is a Cities Skylines 2 mod that adds new UI windows with extra information. Currently:

  • Demand factors
  • (w.i.p.) Demographics
  • Workforce structure
  • Workplaces distribution

Demand factors

  • Key information about current city demographics in one place.
  • Age distribution histogram that also shows cims’ activity structure.

  • Shows individual demand factor VALUES for each demand type. Helpful to learn actual importance of each factor.
  • Enables showing all demand factors, not only 5. Useful for industrial demand which is the only one that utilizes up yo 7 factors.
  • Additional section shows directly building demand for each zone type and STORAGE demand. Please note that the “main” demand factor is actually a building demand, however UI shows it as moving. In fact it doesn’t move, it is just a visualization.
  • Also, industrial demand is a higher value from the two: industrial building demand and storage demand.


Workforce structure

  • Shows workforce structure by education level.
  • Total: all potential workers, i.e. teens and adults, excluding students, that are moved in and moving away.
  • Under: cims working on positions below their education level.
  • Outside: cims working outside of the city.
  • Homeless: unemployed cims with no home.

Workplaces distribution

  • Shows available workplaces split into: city services, commercial sales, commercial leisure, industry extractors, industry manufacturing, and office.
  • Leisure are commercial companies selling immaterial resurces.

Resources consumption

  • This feature is disabled by default because it changes the data shown on the vanilla UI. Enable it in the config file by setting SeparateConsumption to true.
  • Instead of showing surplus and deficit, the production UI will show commercial consumption and industrial consumption. It is imho much more informative than just surplus/deficit, because it also tells what causes said surplus or deficit.
  • Disclaimer. I don’t yet how to change existing UI, so the titles “Surplus” and “Deficit” will still be there. Sorry.


Requirements and Compatibility

  • Cities Skylines II v1.0.18f1 or later; check GitHub or Discord if the mod is compatible with the latest game version.
  • BepInEx 5.
  • HookUI v0.3.5 or later.
  • The mod does NOT modify savefiles.
  • The mod does NOT modify any game systems.


  1. Place the InfoLoom.dll file in your BepInEx Plugins folder.
  2. (optional) The config file is automatically created when the game is run once.

Known Issues

  • Nothing atm.


  • v0.4.1 (2023-12-22)
    • New feature: demographics.
  • v0.3.0 (2023-12-20)
    • New features: worforce structure and workplaces distribution.
  • v0.2.2 (2023-12-17)
    • Demand factors window is reformatted, to be more aligned with game’s visual style.
    • New features: shows all factors, building demand and resources consumption.
  • v0.1.0 (2023-12-16)
    • Initial build, includes Demand Factors.

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