Cities: Skylines 2 Mod Transfering & Multiplayer

Cities: Skylines 2 Mod Transfering & Multiplayer

As the Cities: Skylines 2 release date finally came, and players got their hands on the first copies, the game’s developer Colossal Order, has given everyone additional information on various online gameplay questions. We put the answers together in this article, so you know everything you need to stay informed about mod transfer and multiplayer on Cities: Skylines 2.

In the Q&A, the developers mentioned that the game will be very mod-friendly, however, there might be some issues with the porting. After all, it’s a completely new game, and with the new scale and upgraded base features, we can’t expect every mod to work the same on the new game.

However, both Cities: Skylines, and the latest sequel run on Unity, so we expect that soon there will be pretty easy options for both developers and gamers to adapt their existing mods to work with the new release.

In addition to the mods, many players are also interested in whether the Cities: Skylines 2 will feature a multiplayer mode. However, the game’s developers insist that adding multiplayer on Cities: Skylines 2 is not one of the main priorities.
As the sequel is so massive, the developers are more focused on enhancing every single aspect of the single-player mode. With so much time and resources allocated to building the game, as making it work for both PC and consoles, this probably shouldn’t be too surprising.

That being said, multiplayer on the original Cities: Skylines was also only made available via mods. So, we fully expect to see some sort of multiplayer mode later in the game. We’ll keep you updated, and let you know as soon as the Cities: Skylines 2 multiplayer mod is available to download.

The Cities: Skylines experience upgrades over time. And while you won’t be able to experience multiplayer at launch, and the mod support will need to be rebuilt over time, we expect things to look significantly better in months and years to come. Here, patience is absolutely a virtue.

While you wait, the original Cities: Skylines game still offers an excellent gaming experience. On the Twitter/X thread, Colossal Order was quoted saying that they are looking to do a proper sendoff to the game. With the latest DLC for the original game still fresh, and a modded multiplayer mode fully available, it’s a great way for you to experience the game, while you wait for the sequel to fill up with features.

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