Cities Skylines 2: Everything we Know so Far

Cities Skylines 2: Everything we Know so Far

The wait is over – Cities: Skylines 2 has just been released, and chances are, you already got your hands on it! The first release is often regarded as one of the best, if not the best, city building games out there. So, it’s no surprise to see gamers all around the world excited to play the highly-anticipated sequel.

In the 8 years since Cities: Skylines 2 has been released, it amassed a massive fanbase, and a dedicated modding community. However, Cities: Skylines 2 is still completely fresh off the presses – and the in-depth details about this game and its modding capabilities are still being collected. Here’s what we know so far:

The Cities: Skylines 2 is deemed to have the most realistic city building experience that’s ever been made available on a video game. The numbers back it up: if the previous release only allowed the players to have up to 9 map tiles in the single city, Cities: Skylines 2 lets you build a city with a maximum of 150 map tiles. That’s a massive difference, that will help you create realistically-sized sprawling supercities.

The realism of the game is also clear from the weather and natural disasters engine. There are plenty of nature-related events that can affect your city, such as tornadoes, hailstorms, and forest fires. Although weather events have been available on the previous game as well, this time it’s available right in the base game: and not as a paid DLC or a custom mod.

The option to “Follow a citizen’s lifepath” is also very exciting, giving you additional immersion as you follow your citizen’s progress from childhood to old age.

That being said, all of these features and increases in scale come with their own problems. We, just like many other gamers and journalists, have noticed the rocky path to the game’s release. The recommended specs have been continuously bumped up, reports of bugs within the game are constant, and it’s clear that you’ll need a high-end PC to enjoy most of what Cities: Skylines 2 can offer. We expect the situation to get better with mods, and the game getting optimized, as the lower-spec PS5/Xbox releases are going to be available in early 2024.

The ambition of the game is clear: Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive has said that Cities: Skylines 2 will “continue to push boundaries for the city-building franchise”. There’s the ability to manage and customize details as small as the single household. You will also find options to work with comprehensive transportation, construction, and economic systems, as well as modding capabilities, even stronger than in the first game.

All in all, it looks like Cities: Skylines 2 will be well worth the name of the most open-ended city-building sandbox in the world. If you have an amazing high-end PC and a lot of patience, you can check it out right now. If you don’t – it’s worth waiting until Paradox and the modding community build the perfect gaming experience for your PC.

Will Cities Skylines 2 multiplayer exist?

Right now, Cities: Skylines 2 does not offer an option for multiplayer. According to the game developers themselves, including multiplayer in Cities: Skylines 2 would take an incredible amount of time and resources, and instead they’re striving to make the single-player options offer the best gaming experience instead.

That being said, the excellent Cities: Skylines modding community have managed to incorporate multiplayer support on the original game. Given the sequel’s support to the modding community, it’s easy to assume that a multiplayer mode is already in the works. We can expect it sometime in the future: either via mods, or additional updates from the developers. If you’re looking to play Cities: Skylines 2 multiplayer mode, the best option is to play the original game, available on PC, PS5, and included in the Xbox Game Pass.

Cities Skylines 2 is coming October 24th, 2023 and Official Release Trailer bellow:

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